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Zachary Bartholomew

Personal Trainer, Mobility & Movement SPECIALISt

Zach is passionate about fitness and helping others accomplish goals and overcoming challenges they face throughout their fitness advancement.

With a lifelong love for athletics and fitness, Zach moved to Boston in 2008 where he pursued and earned his personal training certificate from the American Academy of Personal Training. He worked at multiple private studios where he refined his skills as a one on one personal trainer for six years.  Zach built a loyal clientele, including marathon runners, fitness models and power lifters, clients with autoimmune diseases, Cystic fibrosis, some recovering from injuries and many other disabilities.

While training clients in Boston, Zach also attended Northeastern University, he continued to work and attend school fulltime. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor in Science, with a major in Business Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Zach decided to combine his passion for fitness and entrepreneurship by starting his own successful personal training business.

He has built a clientele by incorporating his own training style. His training philosophy is based around balance, strengthening major muscle groups while focusing on smaller stabilization muscles, flexibility and building the core.

Zach has taken a broad range of classes, from kinesiology, nutrition to calisthenics and corrective movement. These classes have increased his knowledge and helped him become a well-rounded fitness professional who is able to work with the full spectrum of clientele, from competitive athletes to newcomers who are just beginning fitness regimen. 

Zach’s enthusiasm for his chosen profession translates into a dedication of spirit, a reliability of output, and a motivator for his clients to succeed at reaching their goals.



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